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The Art of Communication is a ‘one woman’ business and the creation of Cathy MacDonald, a former Hostage and Crisis Negotiator with Police Scotland.

With years of practical experience behind her coupled with her responsibility for training and developing police negotiator teams, Cathy can easily be described as a professional communicator who is highly skilled and practiced.

The Art of Communication was launched in August 2015 when Cathy completed her police service and since then she has worked with businesses, organisations, small groups and individuals who now reap the benefits from her Master Classes, Presentations and Workshops.


Those that have worked with Cathy report increased self confidence, improved customer satisfaction, reduced stress, a more harmonized workplace and many business benefits, simply from learning a few new skills.


If the success of your business and wellbeing of your clients or colleagues relies on effective communication then promoting healthy and helpful ways to communicate is essential.

The Art of Communication provides bespoke workshops and masterclasses that are well balanced and light hearted as well as being immediately effective. From creating structured communication plans through to developing listening skills, conversations skills, an understanding of human behaviour as well as an extensive number of helpful tactics to promote effective communication, The Art of Communication can help.

Help may be in the form of:

  • Helping you ‘connect’ to colleagues or clients.

  • Helping communication flow the way you want it to.

  • Helping you to find the right words at the right time.

  • Helping you to lead and motivate a team

  • Helping you to deal with challenging situations or difficult people.

  • Helping you make the right impression.

  • Helping you prepare for interviews.

Helping you …… in whatever way you wish that’s associated with human behaviour, communication and influence.

The Art of Communication can help you to create a nurturing environment for communication to flow right from the start or it can help with ongoing communication challenges that are in need of attention. Whether proactive or reactive you can rely on the skills, experience and knowledge that Cathy, through the Art of Communication can offer.

Workshops, MASTERCLASSES and Presentations

The Art of Communication prides itself on creating the right course for its clients, tailored specifically for the needs of that person, group or business. Whether a masterclass, a workshop or simply a presentation, some topics will be similar and at times the same but every group has unique elements that require specific consideration that can be woven into any piece of work by the Art of Communication. For example, someone wishing help preparing for an interview will require a slightly different syllabus than a team who need guidance in managing challenging conversations and conflict.

Whatever time, budget or theme required, a cost effective, structured package with appropriate post-course support can be offered. Cathy can attend at your workplace, conference or chosen venue to deliver the communication package or a simple presentation. Many 1-2-1 clients prefer to meet and work in coffee shops while groups tend to prefer their office or a conference location.

If a work based option is not ideal then Cathy hosts and delivers a 2 day communication course in Dundee, in March each year and in Glasgow in November each year which offer a comprehensive package in relation to communication. Clients walk away with skills and knowledge to become established conversationalists, understand how to connect with others, use appropriate and influential language, deal with conflict and have the confidence to use their new communication skills immediately.

To date the following topics have been included in workshops, presentations and masterclasses but anything connected to communication can be considered

  • Making The Right First Impression
  • Verbal / Non Verbal Communication
  • Listening Differently
  • Learning to ‘Read People’
  • Influence and Behaviour Change
  • Connecting with Others / Teamwork
  • Use of Language
  • Conversation Skills (Initiating, controlling and encouraging a conversation)
  • Managing Difficult Conversations, Confrontation and Anger
  • Dealing With Lies
  • Preparing For Interview
  • Self Awareness and Reputation

Courses are interactive and include a combination of presentations, discussions, practical workshops, theory and film clips to ensure that every learning style is supported. Actors can also be provided to bring realism to practical exercises. Letters detailing the course content are issued in support of Continual Professional Development.

Costs and Fees

The Art of Communication prides itself in keeping costs realistic and manageable for every type of business and team, from 1-2-1 consultations and coaching, small team workshops through to large team presentations and conferences.

Specific details and fees can be discussed and agreed in advance of any training. Please contact me for details or answers to any questions you have.

Warm Regards. Cathy