ITS ALWAYS A JOY TO PROVIDE LTB PERSONAL TRAINERS WITH SOME HELPFUL HINTS TO ENHANCE THEIR COMMUNICATION.  This is publicly available for all to enjoy.  Its a chatty conversational style so you may wish to grab a comfortable chair and a cup of tea!! 

Episode 12 of the LTB Podcast with the amazing Cathy MacDonald from The Art Of Communication has been live since this morning and so far some of the feedback on it has been superb!

Alongside discussing Cathy’s journey into the world of communication, we touched on:

- The power of listening and some simple tips to improve the connection you have with people through listening
- Emotion: why this is so important and what to do when you spot the highs and lows of it
- How we can use something called “ABCD” from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to find out if something is a fact or an assumption
- What Cathy’s tips would be for someone who is looking to improve their communication skills
It’s another interview that I loved doing and it can be listened to by downloading from:

iTunes -
Website -
Or on most other Podcast apps!

Stuart Aitken