Today a lovely FB post from the talented and inspiring Shona Macpherson who won this years Art of Communication Award.

"I'm hugely proud and honoured - not to mentioned shocked - to have won The Art of Communication Award from Lift the Bar at their awards ceremony last night. 

It's been both an amazing and scary year for me because I've pushed myself a bit: getting my message out there in blogs, FB posts, a podcast and my first (and hopefully last) TED Talk! 

To have received this recognition from Lift the Bar has blown me away - especially knowing the calibre of my fellow nominees. 

Massive thanks to the very talented Cathy MacDonald of The Art of Communication who runs the award. We live in such a busy and noisy world it can be hard to hear each other. Cathy's course has helped me grow in practicing the art of communication better.  

I'm not a 'natural' at writing or public speaking by any means, far from it, but something I've been good at this year is practicing.  

Thanks also to Chris Burgess, all of the Lift the Bar family and to all of you who have encouraged and championed me. xx"


Shona with Chris