It has been a busy but energising few weeks working with different teams with different roles and requirements when it comes to communication.  

Children's Hospice for Scotland (CHAS)
Heal Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Centre
Lift The Bar - Education and Development for Personal Trainers
Action For Children
Alba Chiropractic Clinic

The connected theme is that each professional wants to do their best by their clients and their teams, the differences are subtle but each need to apply their skills slightly differently depending on the requirements of those they work with and for.

Each business has dedicated CPD time to develop their communication skills that little bit further and it is a privilege to help. From finding the right words, to understanding the real meaning behind the words with discussion around listening, verbal and non verbal communication, it doesn't take long to provide a structure with simplicity that helps communication flow.

As a coach and trainer I have a great job sharing the magic of what makes us us, explaining the science behind enhanced, truly effective communication and I always come away having learned something new from my clients. The last few weeks I have learned a lot and I thank each and every person for adding a boost to my working day.