In the last year I have coached a few people on how to accept a compliment (we are not a nation that feels comfortable when compliments are offered :-) and today ...... I warmly and humbly accept a compliment from a very dear client.

Today I received the most heartwarming thank you and a gift that I will treasure always.  

Complete with a tag that said "thank you wise owl of communication who has opened my eyes to the world full of our own bubbles"

(Anyone who has worked with me knows the importance of bubbles. Now, I have my owl in a glass bubble (bauble))

I have received a few lovely cards, gifts and acknowledgements in the last couple of weeks and it has been very humbling. I won't say who sent what but please know I appreciate your thoughts greatly, knowing how much a little bit of communication coaching has helped make life and work so much easier.  

A big hug to everyone for the festive season. Cathy x