Today started with an early flight to Birmingham to join the Lift the Bar Team at Body Powers Fitness Trade Week.  This was my first visit to the expo and it was a joy to meet up with a few LTB friends, the MNU team and a few new aquaintences. 

How brilliant to meet new people, in fact it's one of my most favourite pastimes. Emma a rep with Pepsi sat next to me on the morning flight and I enjoyed hearing how she feels valued and cared for by her company (a topic that was included in my presentation today) to Guy Griffiths an author and fellow 'human behaviour' authority who sat next to me while having a cup of tea.  On my way home, Leonardo was next to me on the evening flight and created a positive end to my day hearing how he is embarking on a career with Aberdeen Standard Investment.  A well balanced young man with such a positive outlook and he kindly gifted me a voucher for a drink ...... kindness and positivity will take him far (as well as his masters degree of course ..... that may have something to do with his unquestionable future success 😉)

People are interesting and I enjoy listening to what they share about themselves, their views and their opinions - sharing chat is fun and being appropriately curious is something I encourage my clients to be.  Today was a fabulous day of being exactly that.  EVERYONE I meet knows something I dont and I learn something new most days on the back of 'chatting'

Thank you to those I met today, for adding to my day and to those that listened to and contributed during my teamwork and leadership (the human behaviour version) presentation.

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