I am often asked, 'How is business?' and my normal reply is 'Fabulous'  I truly love what I do and if anything it is a labour of love rather than something I feel is work.  My morning routine tends to be in front of the computer drafting, creating, researching and organising - I even smile as I work.  
The thing is, I have recently moved from juggling things in my head to keeping a 'to do list'.  I used to keep a 'to do list' all of the time in my previous line of work because I was so busy.  Then .... a moment of realisation yesterday when I questioned why on earth I keep a 'to do list' now? Initially I put it down to an ageing brain - am I really getting old? Then I put my ageing brain in gear and realised ..... It's because I am busy ..... again!
Busy has crept up on me and I have deadlines and responsibilities again .... how easy it has been to step into old working practices without even realising it, although I eat better and sleep more than 3 hours per night now (smile).  So how is business? ..... 'It's fabulous thank you'

Over the weekend I have been working on a few things.  

  • A review of Thursday's presentation at the Edinburgh Dental College  
  • Some filming and workbook creations for the education arm of Lift The Bar.  A company that provides top quality education and CPD for personal trainers and fitness professionals. (www.liftthebar.com)
  • Preparation work for my 'once a year' communication course that will run on 24 and 25 March 
  • Preparation for an international webinar for Precision Nutrition, a company that provides expert nutritional coaching for professionals (www.precisionnutrition.com)  On Monday I will offer communication solutions to help with challenging conversations - how to manage lies, emotion and those awkward situations we tend to shy away from.

All in all, a lot to be thankful for.  Meeting new people is one of my most favourite things and I will be meeting a lot of new people in the next few months.