What 3 words shall I use to describe the Canada Masterclass? Maybe I could negotiate 5 words as 3 doesn’t seem enough ……. actually there can be no word limits to match how amazing the experience and the attendees were. Let’s throw a few in to the mix - amazing, intense (in a good way), energising, high end, engaging, professional, fun, engaging ……. the list of positives continue.

When my 1-2-1 client Andrea Hayes asked me to consider delivering a two day masterclass in support of her first project at organising a conference I was honoured and it didn’t take long to say yes. I knew immediately that Andrea was a lady I could work with both remotely and in person.

Fair to say the 2 days returned more than any of us had anticipated. In negotiation we always look for a win/win situation where everyone feels they benefit from an experience. In Canada it was a win/win/win/win. Each and every client took a lot away and returned entirely positive feedback, Andrea learned a great deal from hosting a conference and delivered a great event, the venue benefitted from our visit and personally I met fabulous people, delivered a subject I love and learned a lot too. I always remember that every single person knows things I don’t which makes conversation so enjoyable.

It looks as if May 2019 will see a return visit and I look forward to meeting and working with more new people.

Thank you Andrea, Nater, Linda, Stephenie, Shen, Eric, Anna Lisa, Marianne, Mischelle, Ian and Matt. You are stars x